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All 23 interviews undetaken for the project are available to listen to in full here.

Summary - written by a volunteer who was in attendance at the interview.

Biog - written from notes taken from a discussion with the interviewee before the interview.

Transcript - an AI generated full transcript of the interview.

Please Note: Errors are likely to appear, especially with the transcripts.

Clem CAttini

Clem Cattini, Drummer

Anna Noakes

Anna Noakes, Flautist

Everton Nelson

Everton Nelson, Violinist

Henry Lowther

Henry Lowther, Trumpeter

Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt, Saxophonist

Paul Clarvis

Paul Clarvis, Percussionist

Sara Lowenthal

Sara Lowenthal, Double Bassist

Isobel Griffiths

Isobel Griffiths, Fixer

Bob Saker

Bob Saker, Singer

Andy Treacy

Andy Treacy, Drummer

Ralph Salmins

Ralph Salmins, Drummer

Mo Foster

Mo Foster, Bass Guitarist

Colin Green

Colin Green, Guitarist

Greg Bone

Greg Bone, Guitarist

Jackie Shave

Jackie Shave, Violinist

Jody Linscott

Jody Linscott, Percussionist

Ray Russell

Ray Russell, Guitarist

Kuljit Bhamra

Kuljit Bhamra, Tabla Player

Sonia Jones

Sonia Jones, Singer

Gavyn Wright

Gavyn Wright, Violinist & Fixer

Skaila Kanga

Skaila Kanga, Harpist

Mimi Romily

Mimi Romily, Singer

Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey, Drummer